Common Questions

What is henna?

Also known as Lawsonia inermis, henna is a flowering shrub which grows in hot arid regions like North Africa and the Middle East.  The leaves of the plant are dried and crushed into a paste which is then used for body art or to dye hair.

Is using henna safe?

Yes! Henna has been used for centuries and is all natural.  Allergic reactions to natural henna is extremely rare.  Our mix is made of powder from reputable sources, lemon juice, sugar and high quality essential oils.  We take care to use as natural and organic ingredients wherever we can.

How is henna art different than a tattoo?

Henna stains the first few layers of the skin in the color range of amber brown to deep red.  Unlike ink tattooing, henna application does not pierce the skin.  This body art is temporary and fades naturally with the exfoliation of your skin.

Can I get a black henna tattoo?

Henna does not come in black--ever.  If you've ever had a "black henna" tattoo, it was most likely made with the chemical PPD.  Please refer to the "Black Henna Warning" page for more information on this dangerous practice.

Why are some pictured designs red/brown and some black?

Any images where designs appear black have been photographed while the henna paste is still on the skin.  Pictures with red/brown designs indicate the tone that the design matured to.  Designs stain darkest on the parts of the body where there are the most layers of skin.  Henna has more potential to be it's darkest on hands and feet, then the stain lightens as it moves into the body's center.  For instance, a mandala design done on the palm will be a rich dark brown while one done on the back will be a lighter amber color.
Color also depends on following aftercare instructions and personal body chemistry.

How long will my design last?

Designs will last anywhere between 7-10 days sometimes even as long as a month, depending on where the design was placed, the amount of time the paste was left on and how much the design was scrubbed or washed.

Who uses henna?

Henna has been used by a wide variety of cultures, tribes and ethnic groups for thousands of years.  Buddhists, Christians, earth-based religions, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and others use henna for celebrations including weddings, holidays, births and coming-of-age rituals.